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FreeGlide - Powder Sampler Eco Valve NIR - PharmaView
SteriPort Liqui-Valve NIR - PowderView
SteriSample NIR - BlendView

FreeGlide ® - The World's first non-jammming In-Line Powder Sampler
The Problem
Currently all in-line powder samplers have one fundamental problem - powder finds its way between the sliding surfaces within the sampler and the sampler then jams. That was the case until Sampling Systems developed the highly innovative FreeGlide ® Sampler.
The Solution
To prevent jamming the FreeGlide ® uses a special,
flexible diaphragm to separate the dusty product area
from the special bearings that allow the sampler to slide.

• Inline Powder Sampler
• Manual or Automated operation
• ATEX Approval
• GMP Correct
• 316 Stainless Steel Construction
• Wash In Place systems
• Can be retro-fitted to your existing equipment
• 50cc sample size (other volumes on request)

"The best In-line powder sampler on the market"

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Free-Glide™ The World's first non-jammming In-Line Powder Sampler
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SteriPort - Inline Sterile Liquid Sampling
The SteriPort is ideal when you take sterile samples using hypodermic needles through a septum. Our range of designs are available for direct welding to tanks, pipes or in pipelines. Operation is simple. Simply remove cap. Put needle through septum. Extract sample.
Suitability: Viscosity - 0 - 1000 cP
Only suitable for microscopic particles
0 - 6 barg pressure
Temp range 1 C - 110°C
SteriPort Sterile Sampling Using a Hypodermic Needle
Material: 316L stainless steel
FDA grade EPDM membrane
Finish: Ra < 0.8µm (electropolished)
Membrane Life: Can be pierced up to 20 times
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SteriSample - Sterile In line Liquid Sampling Valve
Sampling Systems offer the world’s leading range inline liquid sampling valves, from Keofitt. These valves are specially designed for sampling sterile and high quality liquid products. Keofitt valves are widely used throughout the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, brewing, dairy and food industries. Whether you are sampling from a tank or from a pipe there is a valve to suit.
Features: • Valves are authorised to use the 3-A symbol
• Manufactured from 316L stainless steel
• Interior of valve body & hose pieces are polished to Ra 0.5µm (Ra 0.2µm if electro-polished)
• Seals made from FDA acceptable polymers
SteriSample Sterile In line Liquid Sampling Valve
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Eco Valve
- Cost Effective Liquid Sampling Valve
In line sampler for liquids that are flowing along a down-pipe. The sampler allows samples to be taken mid stream without stopping the flow of product.
Suitability: Low to medium viscosity liquids. Eco Valve Cost Effective Liquid Sampling Valve
Type: Single Point
Material: 316L stainless steel, viton O ring and glass filled PTFE
download datasheet