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Disposable Thumb Tube Pipettes
No Cleaning / No Cross Contamination / Reduce Costs

Features: • Low cost liquid samplers
• Made from HDPE (FDA acceptable grade 177.1520)
• Simple to use
• Individually wrapped for pre-cleaned and pre-sterilised versions
• For best control over liquid when sampling use Jumbo Pipettes or the Disposable LiquiThief
Thumb Tubes or Jumbo Pipettes?
Thumb Tubes: Ideal for low volume sampling. This sampler is more likely to drip than the Jumbo Pipette
The Jumbo Pipettes has tapered ends. This allows a large volume sample to be taken and ensures the operator has complete control. Also minimises/eliminates dripping.
How to use:
1. Press thumb onto tube until you are at sampling depth

2. Raise thumb until levels equalise

3. Press thumb onto tube to seal in the sample
Disposable Thumb Tube Pipettes, No Cleaning, No Cross Contamination, Reduce Costs
Low cost liquid samplers, Made from HDPE (FDA acceptable grade 177.1520)
Why Use A Disposable Sampler?
There are many reasons why a disposable sampler should be used:
• Cleaning costs - often the cost of cleaning is less than the cost of the sampler.
• No cleaning validation costs
• No cross contamination worries
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