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Disposable Slot Sampler
No Cleaning / No Cross Contamination / Reduce Costs

The Disposable Slot Sampler is able to take a multilevel, cross-sectional sample.


The Disposable Slot Sampler is available in two convenient lengths


Suitability: Free Flowing Powders and granules
The Disposable Slot Sampler takes a single cross sectional sample
Features: Multi-level sample
Single composite sample
Made from HDPE (FDA acceptable grade 177.1520)
Fully welded construction (no adhesives or screws are used)
Assembled in a medical clean room
Individually wrapped
ATEX Rated for Zones 0,1 & 2
Options: Available pre-sterilised
How to use:
1. Insert the sampler into the product.

2. Rotate the inner tube through 180°, to open the sampler

3. The product can now flow into the Slot Sampler

4. Rotate the inner tube through 180° to close the sampler and withdraw the sampler

5. Pull out the inner tube and deposit the sample
The disposable Slot Sampler is easy to operate
Why Use A Disposable Sampler?
There are many reasons why a disposable sampler should be used:
• Cleaning costs - often the cost of cleaning is less than the cost of the sampler.
• No cleaning validation costs
• No cross contamination worries
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