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About Sampling Systems


Welcome to Sampling Systems Ltd.

We are world leaders in sampling technology and we supply samplers companies all over the world. Our core customers are the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as the chemical, cosmetic and other hygienic industries.

Huge Range of Products
Our huge portfolio of samplers and accessories includes a large range of single use, disposable samplers for powders, granules and liquids as well as an enormous range of reusable sampling probes for all types of products. We are constantly adding new products to our range so if you do not see the device that you please contact us, as we may have already found a solution to your problem.

Disposable Liquid Sampler for sampling low viscosity liquids Disposable Powder Lance for sampling sticky cohesive powders Disposable Powder Scoops Reusable powdere sampler made from stainless steel

Same day shipping
At Sampling Systems we aim to keep the vast majority of our products in stock and so are usually able to ship orders the same day (for orders received before 2pm UK time). If your order is urgent please check delivery times at the time of ordering.

Single Use, Disposable Sample Thiefs
Sampling Systems offers the SteriWare® range of single use, disposable samplers and laboratory ware. The SteriWare range includes single use powder samplers and single use liquid samplers. SteriWare products are manufactured for Sampling Systems under hygienic conditions in the the UK.

Disposable Micro SpatulaDisposbale PharmaScoops are available in red or white

Stainless Steel Sampling Thiefs
Sampling Systems designs and manufactures a huge range of manually operated stainless steel sampling probes. Most of these samplers are available in a range of sizes. Our in-house design and manufacturing team will make and design custom samplers to your exact requirements.

Inline Powder Samplers
The FreeGlide® is an inline powder sampler that is guaranteed not to jam. The FreeGlide is available with either manual or automated pneumatic operation. The FreeGlide is designed to takes samples of a powder as it falls under gravity down a pipe.

FreeGlide - the first inline powder sampler guaranteed not to jam during operation

Please contact us by telephone, email or fax if you have any queries about any of the products in our range. We are here to help!